32 Days – Workin’ It!

32 Days – Workin’ It!

Day 2 of the daily blog, and I had to work from 7:45-7:30pm today. This means this post will be a little less in depth or put together as the other ones, because I am exhausted! Working an 8 hour day with chronic illness can be a task, but an almost 12 hour day is rough.

A typical day at work managing my endometriosis includes 100 oz water, three different times I take medicine, vitamins and supplements, using a pillow in my chair to lessen the strain on my back, taking my allotted dose of pain medication throughout the day, endo-friendly foods (for me) like Greek yogurt, bananas, popcorn, soup, nuts, dates and soybeans, using my heating pad and Thermacare joint heat wraps, drinking coffee/tea as needed, using my spirometer (to prepare my lungs for surgery coming up), and taking the elevator when needed as opposed to the stairs.

Anyone working through chronic pain, fatigue or illness spends their entire day tinkering with all kinds of factors: how hard to push yourself and when to conserve energy, how to fit in all the various care-taking routines you have into your work schedule, where the bathroom is and when to strategically take the next bathroom break, when to join in the communal office eats and what to avoid if it might make you sick, how to be discreet about your illness and who you can trust to tell about it, when to ask for accommodations and when to make it work on your own, and most of all, managing your mental energy to continue being “on” and working hard for your customers, supervisors, and colleagues.

All of this takes mental focus, emotional energy, and physical fortitude. Here’s to all of you out there who are pressing through, whether it be for your passion, a paycheck, health insurance, or a stepping stone to your dreams! And to all of my dear spoonies reading this who aren’t able to still be working, here’s to you, because dang it, just being a spoonie is an exhausting, full-time job!

Leave me a comment if you have any questions, or if you have any awesome tips on how to survive the work day!

Katie Joy ❤


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